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Why Mirage Dental Clinic

Experience Accessibility.

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Designed with you in mind.

Color Neutral Tones
The clinic’s decor uses neutral tones that are easy on the eyes, thoughtfully chosen to accommodate visitors with chromophobia and color vision deficiencies.
Natural Scenting
The air in our clinic is subtly infused with natural, allergen-free scents, creating a refreshing atmosphere without the use of oils.
Optimized Lighting
The clinic is bathed in natural light complemented by adjustable LED lighting, meticulously balanced to minimize glare and enhance visual comfort.

No barriers included.

At Mirage Dental Clinic, communication barriers are simply not part of our environment. Here’s how we ensure that every patient is heard, understood, and cared for with the utmost respect and professionalism

Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support
Our staff are fluent in English, Arabic, French, Urdu, and Farsi, offering both spoken and written support in these languages. We are always working to add more languages to better serve our diverse community.
Sign Language Trained Staff
Sign Language Trained Staff
We're equipped with basic sign language skills to ensure our hearing-impaired patients receive comprehensive care and feel fully supported during their visits.
Gender-Specific Interaction
Gender-Specific Interaction
For your comfort, you can choose to interact with all-female or all-male staff throughout your treatment at our clinic.

Unlimited care.

Pregnant Patients
Pregnant Patients
Our clinic provides specially adapted care for expecting mothers, featuring priority scheduling and comfortable seating. All treatments are designed with the safety and comfort of both mother and baby in mind.
Wheel-chair Patients
Wheel-chair Patients
We have meticulously designed our facilities to serve patients with disabilities. Every aspect, from wheelchair-accessible rooms to customized treatment plans, is thought through to ensure accessibility, dignity, and ease of care.
Patient with Systemic Diseases
Patient with Systemic Diseases
Our clinic is prepared for the unique needs of patients with systemic conditions. Equipped with emergency devices and medications, we ensure a safe environment for effective treatment of conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Patient with Infectious Diseases
Patient with Infectious Diseases
Our clinic is equipped with dedicated isolation rooms. These facilities are designed with advanced ventilation systems and stringent sanitation protocols, providing necessary care while ensuring the safety of all our patients and staff.

Wheelchair friendly facility.

Elevator Access
Featuring two spacious, air-conditioned elevators, our clinic ensures that all floors are easily accessible for everyone, including those using wheelchairs.
Wide Hallways & Entryways
Our facility is designed with generously wide hallways, cooled and comfortable, facilitating effortless movement throughout the clinic.
Ramped Access
Smoothly integrated ramps in all elevated areas of the building guarantee seamless access for wheelchair users, eliminating any barriers to movement.
Wheelchair Friendly WCs
Our restrooms are spacious and thoughtfully equipped, with amenities adjusted to an accessible height for comfort and ease of use by wheelchair users.
Height-Adjusted Furniture
Each piece of furniture in our clinic is custom-designed to cater to children, the elderly, and those on wheelchairs.