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Restorative Dentistry

Dental Fillings

Filling gaps seamlessly.
Discover your options below.

Restores Function.
Enables efficient chewing and speaking, enhancing overall dental functionality.
Matches your aesthetics.
Crafted to blend with your teeth’s natural shade, shape and anatomy.
Built to last.
Prevents remaining teeth from shifting, maintaining proper bite and jaw alignment.

In a glance.

Consider Fillings When

  • You have cavities due to tooth decay.
  • There are minor cracks or fractures in your teeth.
  • You need to repair wear from habits like tooth grinding or nail-biting.

Consider Other Options If

  • The tooth damage is extensive, possibly requiring a crown for full coverage.
  • Cosmetic considerations favor veneers or bonding for front teeth enhancements.

The Benefits

  • Quick Procedure: typically done in one visit.
  • Cost-Effective: compared to other dental restoration methods.
  • Aesthetic: modern fillings closely match the color of your natural teeth.

The Drawbacks

  • Fillings, especially those made from composite materials, may not last as long as other restorations like crowns.
  • Depending on the wear and tear, fillings might need to be replaced over time.

Learn the process.

1. Initial Assessment

Assessing tooth restorability.

2. Caries Removal

Drill, or laser will be used to remove the decayed area.

3. Cavity Cleaning

Cleaning the cavity of bacteria and debris

4. Cavity Preparation

The cavity is prepared and lined with special materials to hold the new restoration and protect surrounding tissue.

5. Restorative Material Placement

The cavity is filled with the material of choice and matching the tooth's natural color.

6. Finishing & Polishing

The filling material is finished to replicate the tooth's outlines and polished to match its smoothness.

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Which material is right for you?

Gold Standard


Most used material.

High strength
Great aesthetics
Prone to staining
Protective & Biocompatible

Glass Ionomer

Fillings below gumline.

Mediocre strength
Poor Aesthetics


For ultimate properties.

High Strength
High Aesthetics

A message from Mirage Dental Clinic.

At Mirage Dental Clinic, we provide fillings that not only restore dental health but also match the natural look of your teeth, ensuring your smile remains uninterrupted. Fillings strike a balance between durability, aesthetics, and affordability, making them an ideal choice for immediate restoration needs. We invite you to consult with our team to find a filling solution that aligns with your health, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

Steps and care

Every step outlined, guaranteeing the enduring strength and health of your filling.

Before having a filling
Keep up with oral hygiene and share any dental concerns or allergies with us.
After filling placement
Resume normal activities right after placement. Some sensitivity or gum tenderness can occur but should ease swiftly.
Filling maintenance
Maintain flossing and brushing habits using a soft-bristled toothbrush with non-abrasive toothpaste to clean around the filling.
Things to avoid
Avoid chewing on hard foods or ice, and limit your intake of staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and other colored beverages.

Frequently asked.

It's common to feel sensitivity to cold, heat, or pressure after getting a filling, but this usually fades within a few weeks.

Pain after a filling can be due to:

  • The filling affecting your bite, requiring adjustment.
  • Interaction between metal surfaces in fillings, which is temporary.
  • Deep decay necessitating a root canal.
  • Sensitivity in other teeth, a temporary condition known as referred pain.

Replacement may be needed if:

  • Fillings wear down from chewing or grinding.
  • New decay forms under the filling.
  • A large filling or extensive decay compromises the tooth's structure, possibly requiring a crown.

Fillings can fall out due to improper placement, contamination during the procedure, or damage from biting. Regular check-ups can identify and prevent potential issues.

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