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Why Mirage Dental Clinic

Experience Quality.

Advanced Technology. Premium Materials. Modern Procedures.

Dental Technology

Fix your teeth like a pro.

Using the latest in technology for accurate, comfortable and effective treatments.

Laser Densitry
Laser Densitry
Precise, accurate, pain-free procedures with faster healing time.
Digital Impressions
Digital Impressions
Clean, quick, reproducible impressions of your teeth. Thanks to the latest in intraoral scanners.
Digital Radiographs
Digital Radiographs
Minimal exposure, high-definition, accessible anytime and anywhere.
Dental Procedures

Updated treatments.

We are constantly evolving to provide the best care possible. Our approach integrates the latest scientific research, patient feedback, and treatment outcomes to continuously refine our treatment protocols.

Science Backed

Every dental procedure is reviewed monthly and aligned with the latest scientific evidence to ensure effective and innovative care.

Feedback Supported

Patient feedback is taken seriously and incorporated into our protocols to ensure seamless, pain-free, and effective dental care.

Result Driven

Our treatment protocols are directly compared with outcomes and modified based on scientific evidence and your valuable feedback.
Continuing Education
All practitioners within Mirage Dental Clinic must complete at least 40 hours of continued medical education annually. Our dentists are always up to date with the latest advancements in science and dentistry.
Internal Training & Workshops
Mirage Dental Clinic conducts monthly training sessions and workshops led by international and local experts. This ensures our team is proficient with the latest in science, knowledge, materials, devices, and techniques.
All our dentists are fully licensed and registered within the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).
Dental Providers

Exceptional Dentists.

Equipped with the latest in knowledge and technology.

Dental Materials

Materials that
pass every standard.

Sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.
Maintained in chilled industry-grade storage facilities.

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We stand behind our work.

Treat your tooth.

Complete any restorative treatment at Mirage Dental Clinic. All restorative treatments come with an automatic protection warranty.

Protect your tooth.

To keep your warranty active, simply complete a professional cleaning every six months at our clinic.

Unlimited warranty.

Should there be any damage to any restorative treatment provided by us, it will be fixed or replaced free of charge.